Trump supporters flock to canceled Nebraska rally

The danger of extreme climate canceled a Trump rally in Nebraska that drew a crowd from throughout the nation.

In a press release saying the postponement, the person who held rallies throughout a pandemic mentioned that the security of his supporters was his prime precedence.

“Thank you to all who waited in line for our Save America Rally tonight in Greenwood, Nebraska. Because of severe weather, including the possibility of 60 mph+ wind, hailstorms, and maybe even tornadoes, I will not be coming to Nebraska tonight, but rather, weather permitting, will be there this Sunday night, May 1st. The most important thing is to keep you safe, and that cannot be done with such a terrible forecast,”

Some Trump supporters have been touring from rally to rally, touring the nation in a way much like that made well-known by devotees of the Grateful Dead.

“Prior to the postponement, the parking lot was filling up around 8 a.m. on Friday. Walking through the parking lot, you saw plates from Texas, Illinois, Iowa, California and even Canada,” KLKN-TV reported.

Right Side Broadcasting Network interviewed a Trump supporter, with a son dressed as Trump, who mentioned they’d been to rallies all around the nation.

“Even though doors weren’t going to open until the evening, many people stood in line all day waiting to get in,” WLKN-TV reported. “Even with the high number of people coming in for the rally, many didn’t want to lose their spot in line, so businesses were not as busy as anticipated.”

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