Russian Soldiers ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Ukraine War: SSU

More Russian soldiers are now expressing their desire to quit the fighting in Ukraine and return home as the war stretches into its third month.

The Security Service of Ukraine on Wednesday released a recording of an intercepted phone call where a Russian soldier was heard complaining about the barrage of attacks from Ukrainian defenders.

“Every f**king evening we fight against sabotage groups, which every f**king night try to enter the village…” the soldier was heard telling his friend.

The soldier added that he was “sick and tired” of the fighting and said he and many of his comrades wished to go home. 

“I’m f**king sick and tired of this, damn it, I want to go home, man. Some of us are on the edge: let’s stop giving a f**k and f**k off from here, they really p*ss us off,” the soldier said, ending the conversation with “Do pobachennya,” which is Ukrainian for goodbye. 

It is unclear when or where the phone call was intercepted. The Security Service also did not share details about the soldier’s identity. 

The newly released recording is the latest in a series of evidence showing the falling morale among Russian soldiers. 

Also on Wednesday, Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate released another recording of an intercepted phone call between a Russian soldier and his parents. In the call, the soldier, identified only as Andrei, told his father that they were rebelling against their leaders and refusing to follow any orders. 

Andrei also pleaded for his mother to get him out of the war, leading him to be checked into a psychiatric hospital, according to The Daily Beast

In early April, Dmitri, a member of an elite Russian army brigade, revealed that many soldiers in his unit refused to be redeployed and rejoin the war in Ukraine. He and at least eight other soldiers told their commanders that they wanted to be pulled out of the war. Dmitri was later transferred to Belgorod. 

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. We aren’t officially in a state of war, so they could not force me to go,” Dmitri said.

The reversal of Sweden's and Finland's longstanding policy of non-alignment came as the Russian war on Ukraine nears its third month
The reversal of Sweden’s and Finland’s longstanding policy of non-alignment came as the Russian war on Ukraine nears its third month
Photo: AFP / Jonathan NACKSTRAND

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