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In June, the 96-year-old monarch will reach the monumental milestone of 70 years on the throne and that marks the beginning of the grand celebrations in the UK. According to the report collated by the team at SudokuCraze (, Queen Elizabeth II is incredibly fond of ‘The Name Game’ in which players must write the names of famous people or characters on a post-it note to place on another player’s forehead.

Said player must then attempt to guess the name on the post-it note through a series of yes or no questions.

‘The Name Game’ is said to be an incredibly popular game with the Royal Family when the whole family comes together during holidays.

In 2008, a report by Wired also revealed that the Queen is fond of bowling on Wii Sports after Kate gifted the console to William one Christmas.

According to the report, the Queen tried ten-pin bowling on Wii Sports and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite the console no longer being produced by Nintendo, the latest model, the Nintendo Switch also offers plenty of sports based games.

However, on the other hand, Monopoly and Risk are quite popular in Prince William and Kate’s home.

During an interview with Radio Marsden, Prince William revealed that there are two popular board games in the Cambridge household – Monopoly and Risk.

He revealed that these games are staples at Christmas but they’re games that “usually everyone gets very cross about because they lose.”

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The Platinum Party at the Palace will be watched by 22,000 people live and will be broadcast on BBC One on June 4.

The concert will be one of the centrepieces of the Jubilee celebrations, which will take place over a festive four-day bank holiday weekend in June.

Other events will include a carnival pageant on the streets of London, featuring performances by Ed Sheeran and Sir Cliff Richard; while the weekend will also see Jubilee lunches and the lighting of beacons across the world.

The two-and-a-half-hour Platinum concert will feature three stages and 3D projections across the face of the palace.

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