Modern Group Makes Five Years Leading in Manufacturing,Celebrates Company Success |

Rajan Patel (6th from R) , Managing Director Modern Distillers Limited and Ishan Patel (C) Join other members for a celebration

Modern Group of companies, one of East Africa’s leading business conglomerates is celebrating its 5th year following a flourishing journey.

Modern Group, a business giant with most of its factories situated in Buikwe District near Jinja, makes five years with a remarkable success having gown to five companies including ; Modern Tiles Ltd, Modern Distillers, Modern Aluminum Modern Sugar, Modern Gas, Modern hand sanitizers and Modern Organic fertilizers.

Driven by the resilience to define growth through extraordinary performance, Modern Group is a diversified business and one of the leading groups of industries comprising more than 6 companies.

The President was Excited With the Modern Distillers Product during the factory commissioning

In the last five years, Modern has created a world class supply chain management that has capabilities to develop business in any all over the world.

Since its inception, Modern Group has positioned itself to be the market leader in all of the businesses focusing on large scale infrastructure development in Uganda with practices benchmarked to international values.

According to their company website, Modern Group of Industries has always stepped ahead to help Uganda meet its manufacturing and exports desires while minimizing the impact on the environment.

‘’Our environment protection initiatives aim to help curb the dangers of eroding landscapes of Uganda and keep them to fertile, greener blankets of land’’, reads their website.

Directors ; Ishan , Rajan and Mompara with President Museveni

It should be noted that while launching Modern Tiles Ltd one of the factories under Modern group, the State minister for Investment and Privatization Evelyn Anite said the quality of Modern Tiles ltd will see it benefit from regional East African Community and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), as well as the US, European and Chinese markets.

Ashish Mompara, one of the Directors noted that; “As long as there is motion, there will be Modern Group. At Modern, innovation, quality, an understanding of systems, and manufacturing excellence combine to form a common strength. With this strength and the determination of the Modern Group, we are optimally equipped for the best services’’, said Mompara.

He added that they not only intend to sell in the local market but also export to East Africa, the Middle East and European Market.

Rajan Patel, Managing Director Modern Distillers Limited  said the company has clearly positioned itself strategically with a view to being the best future solutions for all sectors.

Ishan Patel, another Director also commended President Museveni for ensuring peace and stability adding that it has spurred their community to invest in Uganda.

Ishan hailed Museveni for supporting the Indian communities living in Uganda, saying  that the bilateral relations between Uganda and India are growing stronger and Indian community in Uganda for integrating with the locals among whom they work for mutual relationship.

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