‘I love the name I’ve picked for my baby – but people think it sounds like a disease’

A soon-to-be mum of two has shared an ‘edgy and unique’ baby name for her son. However, people have advised against it, saying it sounds similar to an autoimmune disease

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The mum says the ‘edgy’ name has a meaning of ‘pertaining to the wolf’

An expecting mother stirred opinions online after sharing an ‘edgy and unique’ baby name for her second child.

The anonymous woman posted on the popular forum Mumsnet to gauge people’s reaction on the quirky name.

“We really love flower names for boys, Lupin is edgy and unique it also has the more masculine meaning of ‘pertaining to the wolf’,” the post reads.

“[It] could be shortened to Lu or Louie. We chickened out of using it last time because we got a few negative comments and thought it was a bit TOO unusual but, on the other hand, it could be paired with a very ordinary middle name that he could use if he preferred when older”.

She added that she’d previously seen “horrendously negative feedback” on the name – but wanted to “test the waters” and see if people’s thoughts had changed.

People warned the mum against the name – saying the child will be teased at school over it


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However, the post received a slew of negative comments, with the majority snubbing the name due to it sounding similar to the autoimmune disease Lupus.

“Absolutely not. It’s just awful. I can’t believe you are even considering it.” one user wrote.

Another added: “He’ll be potentially teased horribly over this name, loopy lupin has a ring about to be honest. You might love it but it’s not really fair on a child especially a boy and goodness knows how he’d deal with it as a grown man”.

Some users guessed the name was inspired by Harry Potter – as one of the series’ characters is called Remus John Lupin.

“I’d think you are massive and slightly cringey Harry Potter fans,” User Toastofthetown wrote. “Yes the flowers are lovely, but I think the Harry Potter connection is still way too strong”.

Another added: “I absolutely love it! I wouldn’t have the balls to use it though. Obviously I immediately think of Remus Lupin.

A third said: “I do like Harry Potter by the way – no hate here! Just whenever I hear people say they want to name their child an unusual name from a ‘fandom’ I think ‘are you a 15 year old with a tumblr blog?’ It seems embarrassing to me”.

What do you think of the name Lupin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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