‘I don’t like my daughter – sometimes I want social services to take her away’

An anonymous mum has took to the internet to seek advice about her troublesome teenage daughter – who she says has “stolen” from her purse and is always getting in trouble at school

teen daughter yelling at mum
The anonymous mum saying she’s being threatened with fines, as her daughter is “always” late to school

A concerned mum has confessed to “hating” her teen daughter as she believes she may be a narcissist.

The anonymous woman posted on the forum Mumsnet to express her concern over her child’s “disrespectful” behaviour.

“She doesn’t care about authority, never listens to me, never listens to her teachers [and] she’s so rude,” the post reads.

“She never reflects on her behaviour and never says sorry. She lies all the time and gaslights everyone”.

The user says her daughter has “stolen” from her purse and “doesn’t respect” her personal things or the household. She has also accused her daughter of “bullying” her younger sister and says she’s always getting in trouble at school.

The mum received a flurry of support from fellow parents after sharing her experience


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In fact, the mum says she’s being threatened with fines due to the daughter being late “all the time”.

She continued: “She’s only ever nice to me when she wants something. If I don’t give it to her she has a tantrum and back to being horrible, and if I do give it to her then after she receives it – she’s back to being horrible.

“Her older brother doesn’t like her – they never talk. My mum finds her too rude, and she just uses her dad for what she can get from him (we’re not together)…

“I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t like her, I hate spending time with her, and often have thoughts of just calling social services to take her”.

The Mum received a flurry of support from fellow parents who’d shared similar experiences with their own children.

One user wrote: “I have had similar feelings in the past, it’s horrible. I want to tell you that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. My child is now a young adult and has turned into a lovely human being, who is excelling at life and we get on great”.

Another added: “My Daughter is 13 years old and has the same attitude; her whole personality has changed. She is cruel, unkind, and lacks empathy… I feel so sad that she is behaving like this”.

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