Experts warn govt against Covid-19 jabs for children

Health experts and activists have again warned the government and school administrators against vaccinating children without parental consent.

The mandatory vaccinations were expected to commence on Monday when the learners returned to school for second term.

During a virtual meeting at Town Hall on Monday, Dr Clara Wekesa, a physician and the chairperson of Medics for Faith Association, said: “There has been varied information regarding Covid-19 but one thing is common in all the data that has been collected in most countries and that children are less likely to have a severe infection. They present normally with asymptomatic infections, their recovery rates are as high as 99 percent, and hardly require hospitalisation. So they wouldn’t be a target population that you would seek to institute mass mandatory vaccination.”

Mr John Taylor, the chief executive officer of Free the Children, Save the Nation, a non-governmental organisations, said many manufacturers of the vaccines are withholding information on the side effects which hinders the concept of informed consent.

“If you can’t give informed consent then you can’t comply with the specific piece of legislation. We are saying it is impossible for anyone in the world right now to give informed consent about a novel gene therapy vaccine based on the fact that manufacturers are lying and withholding information and have distorted the statistics and manufactured their own truth and reality in terms of what they tell the public about these vaccines,” Mr Taylor said.

Dr Robert Rapiti, a paediatric specialist from South Africa, said: “These manufacturing companies are guilty of genocide because by law, a trial is supposed to be stopped if there are more than 50 deaths and yet the corona vaccines are still circulating and now sought to be made mandatory.”

Mr Eric Ssenyonjo, a medical entomologist, said: “As a parent, we have been vaccinating all this time right from child birth and there has been no problem with it. We have voluntarily taken our kids for vaccination and it has been running smoothly. Trouble comes when because of a particular disease we are facing mandatory vaccination, jail terms, and the big fines of four million that becomes questionable,” he said.

The Health minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, on February 3 tabled a Bill before Parliament that among other things seeks to omit parental consent while rolling out this program to vaccinate children at school.

Minister Aceng, while at an event yesterday, said although the term had commenced, there were discussions ongoing about a possible school- based vaccination programme.

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