Denver Bans Concealed Carry Guns In City Buildings, Public Parks

Denver banned the concealed carry of guns in parks and city buildings on Monday in a move to improve public safety. The bill received a 9-3 vote by the city council and will be signed by Mayor Michael Hancock.

“We believe residents and visitors of Denver have an expectation that when visiting a Denver park with friends, family, and children anywhere in our system, that each park is a gun-free zone. The same is true for city buildings,” City Attorney Kristin Bronson said in a statement.

Bronson ensured that the only intent of the bill is to ensure the feeling of safety in populated public areas and not to take away gun rights.

“This bill is not intended to assess the character of concealed carry permit holders. It is commonsense legislation designed to increase the level of safety in city facilities by reducing the number of firearms present at any given time,” Bronson said.

“Look, accidents happen, and accidents involving guns can have disastrous and tragic results,” she added.

There is a civil penalty of up to $50 for a first offense. Subsequent offenses are punishable by up to $999.

The ban does not apply to law enforcement officers, military personnel, security guards with a valid Denver license containing a firearm endorsement, a person using a firearm for a legitimate sporting activity or hunting, and with valid authorization while at DPD and DSD shooting ranges.

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