Chargers released their 2022 schedule with anime video


NFL teams tend to treat the annual schedule release day in different ways.

While all 32 teams make sure their schedule gets out in a video, some simply share the facts. Others put a lot of effort into the presentation.

The Los Angeles Chargers fell into the latter category with an incredible anime video that was mixed with some hilarious digs at some of the opponents.

For instance, LA’s game against the Falcons included a 28-3 reference from their gut-wrenching overtime loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Antonio Brown’s helmet issues with the Raiders also was mention, and the meeting with the Browns was about Deshaun Watson without mentioning him.

The song with the video was “Dream Within A Dream” by Hideyuki Asada, a fact I know because of the wonderful Shazam app.

This is a really cool way to reveal a schedule and the video quickly went viral.

Among the other cool schedule release videos is the 49ers’ homage to the TV show “Yellowstone.

This is goofy yet entertaining from the Jets:

And the Cardinals went the video-game route:

This Panther video is also a lot of fun:

This story was originally published May 12, 2022 6:28 PM.

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