Bizarre as Chameleone and Weasel kiss live on stage

By BigEyeUg Team

It’s such a gruelling moment to digest in for Ugandans after singers Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo kissing live on stage.

According to a photo making rounds on social media, the blood brothers swapped saliva on Monday night as they performed on one show in Burundi.

This has sparked a mammoth of mixed reactions from the media and public domain.

However, this is not the first time for the brothers to kiss as they are also recalled in 2018, sharing lips as their fans looked at their Mayanjas party.

It should be noted that since the Late Mowzey Radio’s death in 2018, Weasel Manizo’s closeness with brothers; Jose Chameleone and Pallaso has often intensified day after day.

Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso’s brotherly love is such marvelous that its rare to see one of these showing up at a given place without the others.

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